Free cape

Fabulously Optimized supports capes from Mojang, OptiFine, MinecraftCapes mod, LabyMod, Wynntils, Cosmetica and Cloaks+ ¹.
¹ Disabled as of 4.3.3 because of major freezing issues.

Instructions for a free cape

  1. 2.
    ​Draw a cape and download it or get the official Fabulously Optimized cape:
    official Fabulously Optimized cape
    (right click, save as)
  2. 4.
    Open Minecraft with Fabulously Optimized installed
  3. 5.
    Look at your cape! Everyone with Fabulously Optimized or MinecraftCapes mod installed will see it.

Video instructions

Disclaimer: Fabulously Optimized does not host any capes or other cosmetics, nor does it encourage users to buy them from any provider. Instead, the modpack encourages users to prefer free cosmetics, while also giving them options to use any paid cosmetics they've previously obtained from certain providers.