Chat Reporting FAQ

About the system

What is chat reporting?

In Minecraft 1.19.1 and up, players can report other players' chat messages to Mojang, which may result in a temporary or permanent ban from all multiplayer servers, on all versions of Minecraft: Java Edition.
See the official help page to read about the reporting interaction and offense categories or keep reading to see how it affects you.

Why is it bad?

While the system does have noble goals of protecting players from malicious and illegal actions, its current implementation actually has the potential to cause more harm than good.
  • Banned from all multiplayer - instead of getting punished on one server, you are getting punished on all, including Realms and others' LAN servers. Maybe you just got angry and sweared at someone on one server and want to go to another to relax again? Nope, cannot do that.
  • Some swearing is interpreted too strictly - some swear words are interpreted as bannable offenses even if the players know each other and know that the other party will not get offended by it. Read more from this Reddit post
  • Realms chat is constantly monitored - according to Our Commitment to Player Safety, they monitor all Realms chat and will take action regardless of whether you get reported and regardless of whether the other party actually took your message seriously or not. This was not possible before they introduced chat signing and global bans.
  • Realms subscriptions don't get cancelled - if you get banned, Mojang will not automatically pause the subscription of any Realms servers you own, meaning you'll continue to pay for server(s) you cannot access or control. This makes sense for short-term bans like up to a week, but any longer than that should give an explicit option at least.
  • Not sent to server admins - sending reports to Mojang will result in different judgement and outcomes of the cases - while server admins could punish faster, with a shorter penalty, with different kinds of punishments like mutes and jails, Mojang can only ban people from the entirety of multiplayer or not punish at all.
  • Report reviewers lack context - players can select 1-4 messages, to which the system will add up to 9 messages before the selected ones - at most 40 messages in total. That is a very partial context for serious offenses as it is missing player builds, signs, books, Discord/forum messages, daily general behavior etc.
  • Fairness doesn't scale - Minecraft has a huge playerbase and if lots of players play it, lots can report each other as well. How can Mojang guarantee a fair action to be done on thousands of reports every day? The investigators may accidentally overlook a part of the conversation or misintepret the intent due to words used. Compare that to a single server that has less players, therefore less reports and less admins needed, appeals that are dealt with faster.
  • Categories don't match server rules - for example, there can be an adult-only server that may discuss things like world politics, alcohol and drugs freely, but when an underage player stumbles upon it, they can report others for things that are clearly allowed and intended by the server.
  • Categories are vague - for example, take the rule "impersonation". How can one be sure a person is who they claim to be with just a few lines of chat? Are they just going to assume it is a lie and ban them? At that point players can not even say who they are because they can get punished either way.
  • Ban reasons and appeals are vague - while there is a way to appeal, it is not described when and how many times it will be accepted. The fact that some bans are temporary is not really the solution - an unjust ban is an unjust ban. This issue has already been prevalent in Bedrock Edition.
  • Reports may not be sufficient - in the case of most serious offenses (e.g. threatening, abuse, harassment), you should really feel that proper action is taken. With these reports, Mojang does not actually elaborate on what their "appropriate actions" are. They may send a player suicide prevention info for example, but there is no guarantee Mojang will contact the police for you. Do it yourself!
This is a non-exhaustive list. People have voiced more concerns in various Minecraft communities and the feedback site, search around.

Where can I learn more about it?

Explanatory videos
¹ Some parts of the videos may be out of date, mainly the report categories and exploits. Problems with ethics and overall technical approach still remain.
² Made by the developer of No Chat Reports.
Official posts

Is there a way to appeal the ban?

Yes, if you meet their criteria (see "how to submit a case review"). It is unknown how many appeals are accepted.
  1. 2.
    Select "Minecraft: Java" as the game.
  2. 3.
    Fill the form throughly with all information you have
  3. 4.
    Submit the form
  4. 5.
    Wait patiently for their response
If you own a Realm, you may want to pause your subscription as well.

What should I do instead when someone breaks the rules?

Do what you always did.
  • If an user is being annoying, hide their messages by clicking the chat icon near the username in Social Interactions or, in some servers, /ignore (username).
  • If an user has broken the rules of the server, report it to server administration. This is usually done by /report, /helpop, server forum or Discord.
  • If an user is talking about commiting suicide, talk to them and give local help resources.
  • If an user is doing or threatening illegal actions, report it to server admins and local police. Provide them with as much context as possible, including screenshots.

What would make the system fair?

One of the following:
  • Sending the reports to server admins instead of Mojang would be the most preferable, as they have the most context to take the appropriate action and players would have a consistent way of reporting on every server.
  • Making the whole system opt-in (or out) would also be reasonable as then only the servers that need this help would enable it.
  • Implementing the system only on Realms or other Mojang-partnering servers.
  • Not implementing the system at all because there are enough moderation tools built already.
This is a non-exhaustive list. People have posted more ideas in various Minecraft communities and the feedback site, search around.

I am a server owner. How can I protect my users?

See server setup. If you are a player, you can send that page to your server admins.

What about Realms?

I want to give feedback to Mojang.

Great! Use the official feedback site:

Chat reporting and Fabulously Optimized

What does this modpack do to protect me?

Fabulously Optimized has added a mod called No Chat Reports that informs you of the availability of chat reporting and makes your messages unreportable on servers that do not require it. It also reverts most of the chat indicators added in 1.19.1, because they clutter the screen and are misleading in many cases.
Look at the right corner of the chat window:
  • red ⚠️ with two exclamation marks
    - only on Realms: your chat is constantly monitored by Mojang and always reportable.
    • If you are found to violate Minecraft's Community Standards, you will be (temporarily) banned, even when nobody you're chatting with reported you or found your message offensive.
  • red ⚠️
    - you are vulnerable, any chat messages you send may be reported and used against you.
  • yellow ℹ️
    - nobody can report your messages. Depending on the server, other players may see a red bar on the left of the message,
    red markings
    on the right and if they enable the vanilla Only Show Secure Chat option, they may not see your chat messages at all.
    • In practice, these mentioned chat side effects will likely only occur on vanilla servers. Most servers use Paper or Spigot and will take a stance to either disable or enforce chat reporting for everyone.
  • green ✅
    - you can chat securely. Nobody can report anyone, nobody has a red bar or
    red markings
    on the chat and nobody's chat will get hidden by Only Show Secure Chat.
    • This is currently shown for singleplayer and very few public servers. Most servers will still show
      yellow ℹ️
      due to technical restrictions, so ask your admin or look at whether the chat reporting icon is grayed out in Social Interactions to confirm whether it has additional protections in place.
The report button itself still works on servers that force reporting (others can report you too if you see
red ⚠️
). Please use it only in case of serious danger and even then don't forget to inform the server admins and, if needed, the local police.
The modpack also disables chat previews, which protects your messages from being sent to the server before you actually press Enter.

I don't want to join chat reporting servers at all!

If you don't think the
red ⚠️
icon is enough, you can also re-enable the full-screen warning.
  1. 1.
    Click Mods
  2. 2.
    Search for "No Chat Reports" and click
  3. 3.
    Select Technical tab, set "Whitelist all servers" to No
  4. 4.
    Save changes

Is No Chat Reports itself a risk?

No, the mod simply disables chat signing on servers that don't require it. Those that do will have the chat signing (and therefore reports) working the same as they do in vanilla.
Disabling chat signing is not a punishable offense, otherwise Mojang would not have added an option for it in the servers.

I still think chat reporting is fair.

Understandable, the modpack helps you as well.
If you join a server and see a
red ⚠️
in the bottom right corner of the chat, that server enforces the report system and FO will adhere to it, just like vanilla. Because of that, having No Chat Reports does benefit you, because in vanilla itself there is no such clear indication (the toast and chat line icons do not accurately work on every server).

Alternative approaches

Why not stay on 1.19?

If you want to stay on an older version, please use the latest version for 1.18.2.
This section previously claimed that it may be possible for 1.19.1+ players to report 1.19 ones. This turned out to not be the case because the signing system changed in 1.19.1.

But my favorite server requires 1.19!

Alright, please send them this link or that link to let them know they don't have to stay on 1.19 just to disable chat reporting.
In the meanwhile you can play in that server by installing the latest FO and adding a mod called ViaFabric.
Then, after launching the game:
  1. 1.
    Go to Multiplayer
  2. 2.
    Click the VIA button in the top right corner
  3. 3.
    Click Enable client-side
  4. 4.
    Read the warning and click Enable
  5. 5.
    Click Done and join your server
When done playing the server, it is recommended to turn it off again:
  1. 1.
    Click the VIA button in the top right corner
  2. 2.
    Click Disable client-side
  3. 3.
    Click Done

Why not stay on 1.18.2?

It is safe from reports, you are free to play it for as long as you like. Fabulously Optimized will still focus on optimizing the newest versions (including everything related to the chat reporting) rather than continuously updating the old one.

Can I use exploits to break the system/avoid getting reported?

No, that makes you more likely to get banned. It is up to the server to decide whether they want the reporting system or not, use that information to choose the servers you play in.
Fabulously Optimized will not include or endorse any exploits.

Can I encrypt my chat messages?

Yes. This is mostly useful in Realms and in public servers' private messages with friends, as long as you know how and where to use it.
In Fabulously Optimized the encryption button is currently hidden to reduce confusion, so you need to do the following to enable it:
  1. 1.
    Click Mods
  2. 2.
    Search for "No Chat Reports" and click
  3. 3.
    Select Technical tab, set "Show encryption button" to Yes
  4. 4.
    Save changes
  5. 5.
    Join any world or server
  6. 6.
    Click your chat key, default T
  7. 7.
    Click the 🔒. You'll see warnings and configuration for the encryption feature.

Other questions

Does Java Edition have a profanity filter?

Yes, but currently only on Realms. If you are an adult, you can disable it for yourself in your profile. Learn more
Profanity by itself is no longer a category one can report other players for. Swearing at friends, even jokingly, is bannable though - read the next section for more info.

Does Mojang monitor my chats?

Yes, but only on Realms (Java and Bedrock) and Featured Servers (only Bedrock).
For Bedrock and Java Realms as well as partnered Bedrock servers, we leverage an automated proactive chat filtering system.
We use it to classify, filter, and escalate online harms for human review and moderation to promote safe and welcoming interactions on Minecraft games. That includes behaviors such as harassment, abuse, and hate speech.
Similarly, the why have I been banned FAQ says
Specifically, our highly trained moderation staff is looking at the most egregious violations in public Featured Servers and Realms [...]
Read can I encrypt my chat messages above for what can you do about it.

I have more questions.

Write to #support in our Discord.